Why is the price of solar power so high?

Minnesota Energy reports that average annual power prices have increased for the past two years, with solar power prices averaging $0.17/kWh.

Solar power is growing in popularity, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

“Solar is still a niche, and it still has a long way to go,” said Tim Buss, Minnesota Energy’s director of market analysis.

Minnesota Energy also released a report on Friday that showed that Minnesota residents are still paying for about 40% of their electricity from wind and solar, despite a recent federal rule that will help to reduce their electricity costs.

Wind power installed in the state was up 15% in 2017 and solar was up 27%, the report found.

The report also found that there were fewer people using solar power in Minnesota than they did a year ago, though there was a significant decrease in utility-scale solar power.

Utility-scale PV is a newer type of energy technology that uses solar panels to capture sunlight and use it to generate electricity.

In 2017, Minnesota had 1,903 MW of utility-solar capacity, the report said.