What happens when the sun doesn’t shine in this solar town

The Sun is not shining this winter.

As of Friday, January 6, the sun’s not shining in the city of Trieagle, Arizona, where it has been since early November.

But that’s not stopping some residents from taking advantage of the solar energy’s lack of activity.

As the Sun isnt shining this Winter, people are starting to install solar panels, install LED lighting, and put up some solar panels in their front yards.

As we noted last month, the solar industry is now a hotbed of solar energy and solar panels are being installed in Trieagles backyard.

“We dont really have any solar panels that are up there that are going to keep it cool, so Ive been working on getting some panels up on the roof, and Ive got some that are down there,” said Trieangler homeowner Tariya Z. “But if youve got the sun on, and it shines, you can probably put some solar on it.”

Solar panels have been popping up all over Trieangys back yard.

The city of 10,000 is one of the few in the country that still relies on coal, and the solar panels have made a big difference in the community’s economy.

The sun has been shining since late November, but as of Friday there was still no sun, according to Trieaga’s Mayor, Mark Hirsch.

Thats because the Sun wasnt shining on Friday.

However, there were a few signs that the city was in the midst of a solar eclipse, according the city website.

On November 23, the city posted a map showing the locations of solar eclipse sites, and on Friday, the map showed Trieangle and the city were within one mile of each other, the website said.

Hirsch said the city is still planning on putting up panels on the roofs of their homes.

“It isnt gonna make any difference to our community at this point, but we do know that the eclipse is happening and that people are going on holiday,” he said.

“And we are planning on having panels up, so people can look at the eclipse through a window and be able to watch the sun, and hopefully save some money.”

Zsarzewski Solar said it is also aware of the lack of solar, and is working to increase the number of panels installed in the area.

“There is a lot of work going on around the solar panel installations, and we appreciate the city doing a great job, and thank them for their efforts,” the company said in a statement.

The solar panels aren’t just being installed at the edge of the city, however.

On Friday, a local business owner, David Buehler, installed solar panels along the city’s southern border with Payson County, Arizona.

“I have been doing this for five years and weve always had a lot to do, and this is the first year I have actually done something,” Buehl said.

He added that solar panels make the city more productive, and more energy efficient.

Zsarlzewski said the solar installations are just part of a larger solar energy plan.

“This is a big solar energy effort,” Zsarszewski added.

“A lot of the work is being done with the city and with Pueblo County, and there are more panels installed than they have at this time of year.

It makes a big impact.”