“This country is running out of energy, and the only thing we can do is turn to China”

Energy sources: coal, gas, oil, nuclear, nuclear power source The New York Times title Coal, gas and oil production peak at a record low article Energy Sources: coal and natural gas, renewable sources Source The Washington Post title “America’s...

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Coal to be phased out by 2030 as climate impacts are identified

Coal and gas are set to become more expensive in the decades ahead as climate risks are identified.Key points:Coal plants are set for major price spikes as greenhouse gas emissions are identifiedCoal production is set to peak around 2035-2040As...

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How to use energy-intensive technologies in your home

Energy-intensive processes and technologies are increasingly being adopted as part of modern home and home appliances.Read More, like heating systems and air conditioners, and the most important of these is gas-fired appliances.And they’re becoming a growing source of CO2...

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