Wind energy power will be cheap, reliable, and plentiful by 2030

A wind energy project in central Germany is among the fastest-growing technologies in Europe and will provide the world with more energy than it currently needs by 2030.

The German government said the wind energy power plant, built by German utility Deutsche Bahn, is the largest in Europe.

Its turbines will produce enough electricity to power more than 300,000 homes and power more factories than would otherwise be possible.

It has been installed in the small village of Riesen near the border with Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium, and is being financed by the German government, Germany’s government-owned energy company and the German wind energy giant, Energie Nachrichten.

The project is also backed by the private sector.

The government said that by 2030 the wind power plant will provide more than 70 percent of the energy demand of the Riesenburg region.

The wind energy system is part of a broader plan by the government to build a massive wind power project in the Rieenburg region, as part of its ambitious Clean Energy Future.