The price of energy and carbon is climbing again

Energy prices have climbed again, as the Federal Government and the mining sector are fighting to maintain supply and keep the price of power rising.

Energy and Climate Australia’s chief executive, John Graham, said on Monday that there had been a 50 per cent rise in the average price of electricity over the past 12 months and that the price had doubled over the previous three months.

“The electricity price is climbing, so it’s not a temporary phenomenon,” Mr Graham said.

“There’s been a lot of price rises in the past few months and the price has been rising in every single year since the mining boom started.”

It’s not like this is going to stop in the next six months.

“Energy Minister Ian Macfarlane has said that the Government would not let prices continue to rise.”

We have a very aggressive plan in place to cut emissions and that will continue through this Government,” Mr Macfary said.

Mr Graham said the Government had been making moves to cut carbon pollution since it took office in January, with plans to introduce a carbon tax, but was facing “a very challenging environment”.”

The industry has a big part to play in getting us to where we want to go,” Mr Hamilton said.

But he said the government needed to get its house in order.”

In terms of getting our house in place, we are going to need a lot more support,” Mr Wilson said.