Why is the energy bill going up for the Energy Department?

Posted November 09, 2019 17:00:54We’ve been hearing a lot about the energy bills going up in the states as a result of the Trump administration’s budget cuts.

However, what’s not being talked about is that the bills are also going up because of the lack of energy efficiency in our buildings and homes.

Energy Department’s Energy Efficiency Office is tasked with providing recommendations on energy efficiency improvements to help make our buildings more energy efficient.

In the past, the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy has focused on building homes and businesses with energy efficient systems.

But this year, the office was told that they don’t have enough staff to do the work they were originally given.

“We had a budget request that went through and that was about $6 million that was just for office space, and there wasn’t enough money to do anything else,” says Dr. Scott Dye, Energy Efficiency Officer.

We have a lot of energy savings initiatives that we’re doing in the energy efficiency of our homes, but not enough staff,” says Dye.

This year, Dye says the Office has asked the Department of Energy to fill the gap with a $3 million grant to assist with the construction of new energy efficient homes.

The grant would cover the construction and installation of the new homes, as well as energy-saving appliances like heat pumps, coolers, air conditioners, and refrigerators.

The new grant will help the Office with its work in building new energy efficiency programs, and the Office is looking for funding to continue doing that work in 2019.

One of the areas of the Energy Efficiency Program that has been getting more attention is building energy efficient buildings.

According to the Office, a building that is more energy-efficient should cost less to build, and also save more energy.

For instance, a one-story home that is energy efficient should cost between $1,000 and $1.75 million to build.

Building codes currently require that two-story homes be built with the same energy efficiency requirements as a one story house.

Dye said the Energy Office is still trying to figure out how to best make this change, and he is hoping to receive a grant to help with that.

Even if we are able to get that money, the goal is still to make sure that we can get the buildings to be energy efficient as well.

The Office of the Secretary of Energy says that if it takes too long to get these buildings built, they will look into ways to cut down on costs.

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