How to Use Energy in the New Year

Minnesota Energy and Utilities Commissioner Jeff Olson has announced a plan to make electricity a more affordable option for Minnesota families and businesses.

Olson announced the new plan during a press conference on Friday.

Olson said Minnesota residents will see a reduction in energy bills in the coming year.

Olson says Minnesota households will save $300 per year on their energy bills over the next few years.

Minnesota Energy Commissioner Jeff Olsen announced that Minnesota will see an average reduction of $2,400 in energy prices over the coming 12 months.

Olson says the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission will work with the Minnesota Department of Commerce and Economic Development to help consumers understand the impact of the energy tax cut.

Olson also said the Minnesota Legislature will pass legislation to make the energy credit permanent and increase the amount of electricity that can be purchased.

New Year’s Eve party plans postponed The Minnesota Devils announced they would postpone the opening of their new arena, which is scheduled to open on New Year’s Day.

The team said it will hold a New Year Eve party on Jan. 1.