Westar Energy has entered into a strategic partnership with Reign Energy

Westar is the first of the energy giant’s energy brands to enter into a partnership with the Canadian startup Reign Energy, which is launching a new energy drink that combines two of the company’s best-selling energy drinks, the Energy Drink and the Energy Ball.

The partnership will be a global one, with a global retail partner in the US, and a strategic collaboration between the two brands in Europe and Latin America, said Jim Caudill, CEO of Westar.

The new product, called Reign Energy Ball, will feature the Reign logo on its bottle cap, and the word “energy” in the top left corner.

It is designed to blend energy drinks with energy, with the goal of providing consumers with more energy while consuming less.

“Westar’s energy drink has always been a brand of choice for many people around the world,” said Jim Carter, CEO and co-founder of Reign Energy.

“In a world where energy drinks are the norm and consumers are getting sick and tired of it, it is an important time for us to make sure our energy drink is the best option.”

Caudill and cofounder Tom Reardon said that in order to create a more energy-friendly energy drink for the masses, Westar wanted to work closely with the energy drink giant, which has been making the Energyball and Energy Drink for years.

“We are excited to partner with Reign to help them build a new product for the 21st century,” Caudell said.

“This partnership with Westar, which will launch in the United States in the coming months, is a great example of the strength of our global team of top-level executives and a true strategic alliance that we believe will be the best for both companies in the long run.”

Reign’s energy drinks have been sold in the U.S. since 2009, and in 2016, the company launched the EnergyBall, which combines the popular Energy Drink with energy drinks like Tropicana’s Power Shake.

Reardon noted that the EnergyBar and Energy Ball are popular with youth, and have been the focus of Westarm brand campaigns and marketing campaigns in the past.

“The energy drink business has seen tremendous growth over the last five years, and is in a great position to continue to expand,” Reardon added.

“Reign has proven that it has the resources to launch a truly innovative product and we look forward to building a global partnership that will allow us to bring Reign to more people around a broad range of markets.”

While energy drinks will be one of the main products the two companies will bring to the world market, the partnership with Reardon and Carter also includes a range of other products, including food and beverage products.

Reardon said the partnership has been a “long time coming,” and that the two parties have worked closely together on the design of the product, marketing and launch of the brand.

He said the brand has already had an incredible response from consumers in its initial launch.

“It is our intention to have a global presence and have a broad presence,” Reard said.

“Reign is an incredibly popular brand that will reach a wide range of consumers.”

“The Reign EnergyBall will feature Reign’s energy brand on the bottle cap.

The logo on the cap will read ‘energy bar,’ and the energy bar will be branded with the Reign brand,” Reyer said.

The energy bar can be used to help balance the energy in a drink and to help create a “healthier” energy drink.

Reyer added that Reign will also make energy drinks in its own flavors, which the energy drinks companies hope will appeal to a wide audience.

Rearden said that the partnership will help Reign’s overall energy drink brand grow to a much larger size and increase its revenue and profitability.

“Consumers around the globe have been asking for energy drinks that offer the best possible balance of energy and nutrients, and Reign has delivered on that promise,” Carter said.

In the future, Reardon is excited about adding new energy drinks to the lineup, but said that he will work closely to deliver the product that will serve the most people.